What can You Do with your Music for Videos?

Shutterstock Music has been available for creative professionals around the world for about 3 years now. It comes with a Royalty Free license, which allows the global use of music for videos worldwide for single projects. You don’t have to pay additional fees every time you use the track. A one-time fee is required. If you are planning on releasing a big budget project, you can also get an Extended license for a much higher price. Check out the license page to make sure you are covered with the right license.

What can you do with your downloaded music for videos? Well, there are a few things you can do:

  • You can complete the meaning of a scenario. If you are working on a video with lots of dancing, you can add music to help your viewers understand better the choreography. For instance, the Swan Lake Ballet won’t be the same without music.
  • You can add it to your video. You can also add music to your video to enhance the action and emotion in the film. The scene of Serena Vander Woodsen riding the train will never be the same without Young Folks. 
  • You can define the tone of your video. What type of video are you working on? If you are thinking about a romantic video, a love song will be most appropriate. Imagine a sad scene with fast paced music. It would confuse the audience.

Where can you find awesome music for videos? Shutterstock Music was created in 2014 and has millions of tracks in its collection. You will surely find what you are looking for with its diverse collection and powerful search features. All tracks are suitable for commercial uses, too. You just need to decide which type of license best suits your creative needs to protect yourself from legal issues down the road.

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